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A Day in the Life of an Anglo-Saxon Settlement

It is my very great pleasure to welcome historian and historical fiction author Annie Whitehead once again to my blog. Annie’s writing is an absolute joy to read. Her prose is lyrical, and she gets deep into the Anglo-Saxon world in which she writes. Whenever I read any of her stories, I can’t help but feel that I’m sitting in a mead hall. Her characters come to us from the Anglo-Saxon chronicles, and she lifts them from their dusty pages to bring them to life. Annie has just released her 4th historical novel, The Sins of the Father, which is…

Portrait of a Noblewoman in Renaissance Italy by Deborah Swift #Renaissance #NewRelease @swiftstory

It is my great pleasure to turn my blog over today to Deborah Swift who is here to take us back to 17th century Italy to discuss the noblewoman in the Renaissance. Deborah is a historical fiction author whom I greatly admire, and she shares a love of the 17th century. Her latest release is the Poison Keeper, a book I have been eagerly looking forward to since first hearing about it! Over to you, Deborah!

The importance of a good ending #writingtips

This has happened to every reader. You find a book, the blurb looks amazing, the opening completely hooks you in and the writing is absolutely delightful. You’re glued to the page, completely invested in the characters and their troubles. You’re tearing through the pages, either that or lingering over them as though they were a great feast. This is easily a five star read, and you can’t wait to recommend it to your friends. But then you get to the end.

Murder & Mayhem: Helen Hollick and Alison Morton strike out on a new genre @HelenHollick @alison_morton #thriller #mystery

I’ve mused at times what I would be writing if not historical fiction and the answer depends on my mood (or what other genre I’m reading at the moment. Today, I am pleased to host two acclaimed historical fiction authors who have asked themselves this very question and done something about it. Helen Hollick has a long history with historical fiction, with her work ranging from the age of King Arthur, to the Anglo Saxon era and through to the Golden Age of Piracy. She has recently released a new cosy mystery set in the 1970’s. Well, actually, this borderline…

Gratitude in an ungracious year

In a challenging year of tragedy and uncertainty, I want to end 2020 by reflecting on the blessings that have come, for which I’m grateful. The opportunity to spend more quality time with my immediate family. I have adult sons and life is usually busy with everyone running off to their own activities. This year, we’ve been forced (literally) to spend more time with one another. During this time, we’ve grown closer together and communication has improved. Double points to us for not sliding the other way and voting someone off the Bazos island. Getting a new pet. We’ve been pet-less…