An Alternative Historical Tale

Alternative historical fiction has become a growing interest of mine. Every fiction writer, at one time, will ask themselves, ‘what if’, but what sets apart alternative fiction is that it takes this question one step further, exploring new trajectories for the world that might have been. The possibilities are only limited to the author’s imagination, and they do make you look at historical events in a new light. When I hear alternative historical fiction, I immediately think of the acclaimed Roma Nova series and its architect, Alison Morton. The series is an alternative historical thriller, based on the premise that instead…

Fall in love with Historical Fiction 

 Today is the day!  Passages to the Past is hosting a FB historical fiction party starting at 3pm EST today! There’s an amazing line-up of historical fiction authors waiting to chat about books and history…did I mention there will be giveaways? Do pop in and join the conversation! I’ll be officially on at 7:45pm. I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of Traitor’s Knot and a photobooklet I created with pictures and words inspired by the story.  Here’s the link to the FB site – Fall in Love with Historical Fiction.  Hope to “see” you then!