Historical Fiction Book of the Year

2017 saw the fulfilment of my dream to see my debut novel published. I had the pleasure and excitement to see it climb up in the Amazon bestseller charts, and most especially, hear what readers had to say about it. I think that was my biggest excitement this year, knowing that people were reading my novel and losing themselves in the world I had created. Which is why I am entirely thrilled to be awarded the 2017 Coffee Pot Award for Historical Fiction Book of the Year. I share this year’s award with another Endeavour Press author, Johanna Craven, author…

The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas

A new land with the promise of a fresh beginning beckons—or does it? Following on from the pages of Traitor’s Knot, find out what awaits James and Elizabeth Hart in the Netherlands. “The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas” is an exclusive short story written for and featured in the Diamond Tales advent series from Discovering Diamonds. I really enjoyed writing it and having the opportunity to share with you how I saw their first month in The Hague. I hope you enjoy the story! To read “The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas”, click here.

Did Ollie really cancel Christmas?

Oliver Cromwell has gone down through history as the Grinch that stole Christmas. Is that a fair assessment? Christmas was abolished during the English Civil War and throughout the Interregnum, but how did it really happen? I am participating in a Christmas blog series hosted by Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots where I discuss what happened. Click here to read my article, The Puritans Who Abolished Christmas.    

Diamonds Tales

Following the advent season, Discovering Diamonds is running Diamond Tales from December 3rd through to December 23rd, featuring a new short story or excerpt a day from Indie and traditional published authors. I’m really excited to have been invited to contribute to Diamond Tales. My short story “The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas” features James and Elizabeth from Traitor’s Knot in a new chapter in their lives. Discovering Diamonds is a brainchild of Helen Hollick, a site that reviews mostly Indie and small press historical fiction (and all the sub genres). Helen has brought her passion for Indie authors from managing the…

NaNoWriMo from the other side

The first time that I completed NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month) I did it backwards. I did in fact write the required 50,000 words that month, but by backwards, I mean that I wrote the last part of the novel, which became Traitor’s Knot. The prevailing goal (or at least the approach that NaNo diehards subscribed to) is that you have to start a new novel, not finish it. That year was a frantic race to the finish line and it felt good to get there! The next year, I decided to try it properly–start a new novel. I had…