The highlight of my week is participating in #1LineWed. For those who’ve never heard of this hashtag, this event is sponsored by the RWA Kiss of Death Chapter (gotta love the name!). #1LineWed gives all writers the opportunity to share (in 140 characters or less) lines from their WIP. Every week, there’s a new prompt and a new challenge to somehow condense your sweat and blood in so few characters. It’s an excellent way to force yourself to self-edit. It’s also a great place to connect with wonderful writers, and I do look forward to reading their tweets.

This week, the promo is “Characterization.” Such a great prompt but so challenging, as are all the worthwhile things in life. Character is often revealed through actions and interchanges between other characters. How can you fit it in Twitter? Others appear to be doing just that today and hats off to them all. I’m really envying their brevity right about now. But what do you do when brevity is not your strong suit? Cheat a little.

So here is an expanded excerpt for #1LineWed Characterization prompt.

“Give it up,” Henry said. “The war is over, and nothing you do will change the fact that these Roundheads control our lives from that horse brush you’re holding to the ale that flows out of my kegs.”

“I will not accept that,” James snapped and threw the brush into the bucket at his feet. The tin rattled and clanged, shaken by the impact. “If I could, I’d have gone back to Coventry, belly exposed, and take my kicks there. I am not a beaten dog. I will not stand by while long-faced hypocrites prattle about religion and godliness one moment and destroy a man the next. I will not accept that they can betray and still be rewarded in this life. I cannot believe that loyalty means nothing under this goddamn sky.” With a growl, he kicked the bucket and sent it clattering across the straw.

Hope you enjoyed my own kick at the can. I don’t plan to make this a habit and intend to keep to the 140 characters. It’s self-discipline that I desperately need.

Cheers to everyone playing in #1LineWed!

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