370th Anniversary of the Crabchurch Conspiracy

In February 1645, a battle was fought between Parliament and Royalists over the strategic seaports of Weymouth and Melcombe  in Dorset. The event is known as the Crabchurch Conspiracy.

To commemorate the 370th anniversary of Parliament’s victory, on Saturday February 28th a concert will be held in Weymouth, featuring live music by the Dolmen and readings by the eminent historian Professor Ronald Hutton and Jane McKell, actress and founding director of AsOne. The event is organized by Mark Vine, historian and author of the Crabchurch Conspiracy.

If you’re in the Dorset area and are interested in the English Civil War and excellent music from the popular Dolmen, you’ll not want to miss this event. For more information on how to get tickets, check out Mark’s website for details– Click here.

370th Anniversary of Crabchurch Conspiracy
370th Anniversary of Crabchurch Conspiracy

February will be Crabchurch month and this blog will feature more information about this thrilling episode of the English Civil War. More to come…


  1. Ah, ha! I was waiting for this one. Why are we up at this hour? It’s Saturday. Lol
    Lora Avgeris

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    1. There’s more to come! This is a milestone for the Crabchurch Conspiracy

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      1. Keep it coming, sista!

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