Traitor’s Knot: Discovered Diamond

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Traitor’s Knot has been awarded a Discovered Diamond, and in particular, a “highly recommended” rating! And in a surprising twist, two reviews from two readers!



Discovering Diamonds is a review blog started by Helen Hollick to showcase quality historical fiction. Here is some information from their blog:

“We only publish reviews of the best books, so we also take note of correct presentation and formatting as well as the quality of writing – and when space and time are limited we may only select a few books a month to review on this blog. This will mean that if your book is selected to be reviewed then you know it is of an elite status, especially if it receives the accolade of Book Of The Month – or better still, Book Of The Year.”

And now for the review of Traitor’s Knot

“It is evident in everything just how well Ms Bazos knows her period. Clothes, food, one herbal remedy after the other, jostle for space with the political drama of the time. The very young new king Charles II (well, he’s plain Charles Stuart to the Parliamentarian rulers of England) lands in Scotland, and soon enough he has mustered an army, determined to march south and reclaim the kingdom his father lost. Ms Bazos is a more than capable guide through all this upheaval, all the way down to Worcester and the battle that officially ended the English Civil War.” © Anna Belfrage

And from the other reviewer…

“Ms Bazos’s debut has received quite some attention, and rightly so. It is accomplished and well-written, and there is, it appears, more to come, which will please her growing readership.” © Nicky Galliers

I couldn’t resist leaving you with this little teaser…

“The other single element that lifts this into something more than usual is a small cameo towards the end where Ms Bazos pulls off a wonderful twist perfectly. Beautifully weighted, it works like a dream. To say more would serve only to spoil the story, so read it for yourself. A very good debut, I look forward to more from this author.” © Nicky Galliers

For the full review, click here.

If you want to read Traitor’s Knot for yourself, click here to be connected to Amazon.

Thank you to Helen Hollick and both reviewers of Discovering Diamonds for taking the time to read my book and for spreading the word!

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  1. Fantastic reviews! Congrats! 😆

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  2. Well deserved recognition Cryssa.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well done, Cryssa. And those reviews have reminded me I haven’t put mine on Goodreads and Amazon. Maybe later today. Where does the time go?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! No kidding!


  4. Sally Johnson

    As a successful friend of mine said, “It took me 14 years to be an overnight success.” You worked hard for this, Cryssa.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh that is such a true statement! Thank you!

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  5. samoore777

    I guess this diamond is no longer in the rough. Congrats on a job well done, Cryssa.

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