From swashbucklers and witchfinders to radicals and whores – the best of the 17th Century on the screen

Here’s a great list of 17th century inspired films curated by The Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote that I wanted to pass along. Some I’ve seen and fully endorse. Alatriste, for example, is as well done as the Earl’s Regiment states (and bonus: Viggo acts in flawless Spanish!). Others I haven’t yet seen but have always wanted to. Time to start tracking those down.

When the nights get long and cold, you know what I’ll be doing this winter.
If you’ve watched any of these films, let me know which one and what you thought of it.

The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote blog

From continental wars and revolutions to major advances in science and political ideas, the upheaval and conflict of the 17th Century produced many stories that filmmakers have attempted to retell on the big and small screen.

While ancient Rome and Edwardian country manors have always been more popular settings with audiences, the era of Cavaliers and Roundheads has not been without its own collection of films and television serials.

In the first of a two-part feature about the 17th Century on the screen, our member David Rowlinson takes a look at ten of the very best…

1) The Moonraker (1958)

Very much a part of the height of the swashbuckler era of filmmaking, The Moonraker tells the story of a mysterious Royalist hero on a mission to smuggle Prince Charles out of England after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester before Oliver Cromwell (played by Dad’s Army’s John…

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