Gratitude in an ungracious year

In a challenging year of tragedy and uncertainty, I want to end 2020 by reflecting on the blessings that have come, for which I’m grateful.

The opportunity to spend more quality time with my immediate family. I have adult sons and life is usually busy with everyone running off to their own activities. This year, we’ve been forced (literally) to spend more time with one another. During this time, we’ve grown closer together and communication has improved. Double points to us for not sliding the other way and voting someone off the Bazos island.

Getting a new pet. We’ve been pet-less since losing our beloved Schipperke many years ago and now we’ve plunged back into pet parenthood and have adopted a little kitten. Sofia is a joy and a constant source of fascination as she grows and explores her new world. She’s nestled into all our hearts, and we wonder why we waited so long. Here she is serving as my writing assistant. She’s disappointed that there isn’t a cat in my next story. 

Sofia, the Writing Assistant

The ability to be an unchecked introvert. I do enjoy social events and love spending time with friends, but I have to admit that sometimes I just want to retreat into a cave and barricade myself inside. It’s impossible for me to be bored with all the books that I want to read and all the stories I want to tell! The only draw back is that someone is going to have to pry me out of my cave when this is all over.

Spending more time in my backyard. Not being able to travel, I ate up every opportunity to enjoy my garden. We built a permanent gazebo (as opposed to something with a fragile canvas top) and refreshed the landscaping, turning the backyard once more into the retreat that it was intended to be. I spent more time outside this summer, soaking up the sunshine and getting familiar with the wildlife flitting around than every before

Sangria anyone?

Discovering the charm of weekend getaways. Because travel was off, we managed to discover the joys of weekend hotel getaways in our own city, which we rarely took advantage of. Even though dining in restaurants was off the menu, we indulged in room service. So much fun! It gave us the sense of going somewhere and spending our dollars close to home. I think this might well be a keeper even after the pandemic is over.

My elderly parents are safe. My parents are staying in a retirement home that took this pandemic seriously before the rest of us did. I haven’t been able to see my parents very often this year, but they are together, healthy and surrounded by a community that cares for them

All my readers and their support. I can’t express how much you inspire me to keep writing.

So to all of you, I hope you have something to be grateful for this year. Thank you for your support and encouragement and everyone who has written to ask about my next story.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and that 2021 bring you and your families joy and togetherness.


  1. Hi Cryssa, What a beautiful reflection of the year. I love the positive attitude. Here’s hoping that the coming year is filled with adventures, health and happiness. Merry Christmas! Sue

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    1. Thank you Sue! All the best to you and your family.


  2. I am also an introvert and I enjoy staying home reading books, writing, painting and learning Latin. I am indulging in a lot of Christmas ghost story reading.
    I enjoy your blog posts very much. Have a lovely Christmas!

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    1. Thank you so much! Those activities sound wonderful. All the best to you too!

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  3. There definitely have been some silver linings to all of this, although I still feel too close to current events to really evaluate the effect they’re having on me. I wonder how we’ll look back on all of this in another year.

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