Seventeenth Century Lady: Charles II Scottish Coronation

I’m pleased to be a guest of the Seventeenth Century Lady with an article I wrote about Charles II’s Scottish coronation. This occurred on January 1, 1651 in the Kirk of Scone. It occurred against the backdrop of Cromwell’s invasion of Scotland and has the distinction of being the last coronation to be held in Scotland. To read the article, click on the link: Charles II’s Scottish Coronation. Featured pictures: Charles II Coronation at Westminster: [By John Michael Wright –, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons Kirk of Scone (Moot Hill): I, Calgacus [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Palace of…

The Butcher of Drogheda and a long-running war of attrition

I recently came across an article from the Irish News (available here), and it gave me my laugh for the day. Apparently there have been some shenanigans at Westminster involving one particular statue–a bust of Oliver Cromwell. Someone had turned it to face the wall, very like a naughty schoolboy. When the bust was righted, it was later found to be turned again to the wall. “I feel we may have stumbled into some underground, long-running war of attrition,” staff in the Labour Whips’ office tweeted. It’s curious that Cromwell’s bust would be tucked away in a stairwell by a…

International Women’s Day and Mary Stewart

Originally posted on Mary Queen of Plots:
Today I spotted a newspaper article looking at ‘five books by women, for women’ to celebrate International Women’s Day. You can imagine my delight when I saw that one of the five is Mary Stewart’s Nine Coaches Waiting! She features alongside Agatha Christie, Shirley Jackson, LM Montgomery and Octavia Butler. Stacy Gillis, Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Newcastle University, has written a wonderful piece about the five books and a culture which has seen women’s writing as ‘something to be controlled, managed and dismissed’. You can read the article here. She…

The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas

A new land with the promise of a fresh beginning beckons—or does it? Following on from the pages of Traitor’s Knot, find out what awaits James and Elizabeth Hart in the Netherlands. “The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas” is an exclusive short story written for and featured in the Diamond Tales advent series from Discovering Diamonds. I really enjoyed writing it and having the opportunity to share with you how I saw their first month in The Hague. I hope you enjoy the story! To read “The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas”, click here.

Did Ollie really cancel Christmas?

Oliver Cromwell has gone down through history as the Grinch that stole Christmas. Is that a fair assessment? Christmas was abolished during the English Civil War and throughout the Interregnum, but how did it really happen? I am participating in a Christmas blog series hosted by Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots where I discuss what happened. Click here to read my article, The Puritans Who Abolished Christmas.