Promised supplies for the Irish from the Duke of Lorraine: The relief that fell short

In what would be the final months of the Irish resistance against the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland, the Irish brigades were at a breaking point. Since Oliver Cromwell landed in Dublin with an invading force in August 1649, the Irish forces (at first centralized, then fractured into autonomous brigades) relied on support from local populations. But by the end of 1651, the brigades were desperately short of supplies and faced the prospect of surrender.

Edmund O’Dwyer: Commander of the Irish forces in Waterford and Tipperary

Sometimes a name in history catches my eye. The figure stands out from the other historical players, and before I know it, I’m wading through everything I can to find out about them. This was what happened when I started researching the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland for my novel Rebel’s Knot and came across Edmund O’Dwyer.

Scoping out Warwick Castle for a Heist #Anthology #HistoricalFiction @HistFictioneers

In “Honour of Thieves”, one of the stories in the historical anthology Betrayed, highwayman James Hart plans a heist and has to break into Warwick Castle. During the English Civil War, the castle served as a Parliamentarian garrison, so it’s imperative that James doesn’t get caught. He’s a staunch Royalist with a price on his head. I love heist movies like The Italian Job and Ocean’s Eleven. They’re like a clever puzzle where you don’t see the full picture until the last piece is snapped into place. A proper heist involves meticulous planning and requires the ability to find vulnerabilities…