International Women’s Day and Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart remains as one of my favourite authors and a huge inspiration. It was with great delight that I discovered that she was recently included in a tribute for International Women’s Day. Her heroines were always ahead of their day, showing a gritty determination to prevail. “Faced with a choice between love and duty, reject the traditional choice of romantic fiction, and–as so many women do–choose duty.” Thank you for Mary Queen of Plots for finding this article!

Mary Queen of Plots

Today I spotted a newspaper article looking at ‘five books by women, for women’ to celebrate International Women’s Day. You can imagine my delight when I saw that one of the five is Mary Stewart’s Nine Coaches Waiting! She features alongside Agatha Christie, Shirley Jackson, LM Montgomery and Octavia Butler.

Stacy Gillis, Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature at Newcastle University, has written a wonderful piece about the five books and a culture which has seen women’s writing as ‘something to be controlled, managed and dismissed’. You can read the article here. She writes of Coaches:

A rewriting of Jane Eyre, the novel contains all the tropes of the Gothic romance – a castle, a family secret, murder – but these are challenged by one of Stewart’s finest protagonists, Linda Martin. Martin is employed as a governess by an aristocratic family, but rejects the trappings of romance to…

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3 Responses to International Women’s Day and Mary Stewart

  1. Allison M says:

    Thanks for the reblog, Cryssa. I was so pleased to see Mary Stewart feature in an International Women’s Day article that I had to share the news, and I’m glad that you feel the same!

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  2. Mark says:

    So cool:) She sounds truly inspiring indeed:)

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