Edmund O’Dwyer: Commander of the Irish forces in Waterford and Tipperary

Sometimes a name in history catches my eye. The figure stands out from the other historical players, and before I know it, I’m wading through everything I can to find out about them. This was what happened when I started researching the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland for my novel Rebel’s Knot and came across Edmund O’Dwyer.

The Butcher of Drogheda and a long-running war of attrition

I recently came across an article from the Irish News (available here), and it gave me my laugh for the day. Apparently there have been some shenanigans at Westminster involving one particular statue–a bust of Oliver Cromwell. Someone had turned it to face the wall, very like a naughty schoolboy. When the bust was righted, it was later found to be turned again to the wall. “I feel we may have stumbled into some underground, long-running war of attrition,” staff in the Labour Whips’ office tweeted. It’s curious that Cromwell’s bust would be tucked away in a stairwell by a…