The Battle of Upton

In the pre-dawn hours of 28 August 1651, eighteen Parliamentary soldiers inched along a narrow board, that was stretched across a broken bridge, while the high waters of the Severn swirled below them. Their mission: to surprise the Royalist forces holding Upton-upon-Severn on the opposite shore and open the way to Worcester where the King’s army was garrisoned. Fourteen months of a Cromwell the Cat and Charles the Mouse game were finally coming to a head. Background Following the execution of his father, King Charles I, by Parliament in 1649, Charles Stuart  sought allies to reclaim the throne and found in Scotland a willing partner….

The Battle of Hamilton

Shhh! I’m hiding in Sarah Jean’s Close, a public house in Hamilton in 1650. Well, not exactly. Today, I’m a guest of the English Historical Fiction Authors Blog where I tell the story of the Battle of Hamilton, or more recently known as the Battle of Hieton. This action was fought on December 1, 1650 between Scotland’s Western Army and English Parliamentary forces during Cromwell’s invasion of Scotland. Come by for a visit. I promise you political intrigue, warfare and even a charming love story. Featured Image: Memorial plaque of the Battle of Hamilton (Hieton) By User: Supergolden (Taken by User: Supergolden)…