Battle of Worcester Society

I had the pleasure and honour of speaking before the Battle of Worcester Society for their Civil War Night series. The talk happened on September 1st, two days before the 365th anniversary of the Battle of Worcester, the final engagement of the English Civil War. As well, BBC Radio Hereford Worcester interviewed me on the subject of my talk and aired the interview in the evening before the event.


The subject of my talk was Captain James Hind, a Royalist Highwayman who fought for King Charles II. Captain Hind managed to escape the battlefield and elude Parliamentary soldiers who were beating the countryside for fugitives. Weeks after the battle, while living incognito in London, he was betrayed and captured, then subsequently hanged for High Treason.

I consider this address before the Society as the highlight of my year. Living across the “pond”, I have very few opportunities to connect with people equally fascinated by this exciting and significant chapter of English history. The discussions and enthusiasm for the subject made for a wonderful evening. As an added thrill, the talk was held at Worcester’s Commandery which was a Royalist headquarters in the days leading up to the final battle. For all I know, the subject of my talk may very well have crossed the black and white chequered floor of the Great Hall!

I enjoyed the evening more than I can say, and I was glad to share it with my good friend Sally Moore, another 17th century enthusiast. A great many people were in attendance, including re-enactors and even a descendent of Oliver Cromwell. Fortunately, he did not hold being a Royalist against me.

A heartfelt thank you to the Battle of Worcester Society who promoted and organized the event and especially to Richard Shaw, Chairman of the Society, who was extremely gracious in his welcome. I am now a proud member of the Society.


One side note: while Worcester is known for being a loyal city to the crown, it still is dangerous for fleeing Royalists. The day after the talk, as I ran down the same cobbled street that Charles II would have retreated following the battle, I tripped and broke my hand. I am now listed down as one of the Royalist casualties in Worcester. Six weeks later, I’ve escaped from a more serious injury an consider myself fortunate. History does repeat itself…


If you would like to read more about Captain James Hind, see my post The Royalist Highwayman. For your listening pleasure, here is the BBC interview. And if you would like to learn more about the Battle of Worcester Society, click here to visit their website.

And now, for your listening (and viewing) pleasure, here is my BBC interview on the Andrew Easton show.


  1. So, I watched and listened to all of your bits, Cryssa. Way to go! And congrats again on your big splash across the pond. ūüôā

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Elaine!


  2. I would have gone too !! Great radio piece and well delivered …. hope the hand is better (those treacherous roundheaded cobbles !) xx


    1. Thanks Moonie! It’s too bad you weren’t there. I’ve learned my lessons. Never run on cobbles! Had I been at the battle, I wouldn’t have gone far.


  3. […] I’ve always felt a strong connection to the Commandery. It’s history runs deep. As you can imagine, speaking before the Battle of Worcester Society in the Great Hall of the Commandery was an unparalleled thrill. If you missed reading about the occasion, click here for the post. […]


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