Severed Knot: #NewRelease Coming Soon

At long last, my second novel, Severed Knot, is ready to hit online shelves on June 7th!

You can pre-order the eBook of this romantic historical adventure through online retailers: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, Apple Books, and for those in Australia, Angus & Robertson. The paperback will also be available online through all the same retailers.

Severed Knot follows Iain Johnstone, a Scottish moss-trooper and officer in Charles Stuart’s Royalist army.

Iain first appeared in Traitor’s Knot with his company of moss-troopers when he tried to steal horses from James Hart, a highwayman. Iain Johnstone always had a great deal of cheek (still does). The two men were able to get past their rocky start and, together, fight under the banner of King Charles against the Parliamentarian forces of Oliver Cromwell.

The last you see of Iain is when he and his men ride forth from Worcester to take up a defensive position to the south of the city, at Powick, in order to block the advance of Cromwell’s forces.

Well that didn’t turn out as hoped . . .

Severed Knot opens a few months after the Battle of Worcester with Iain being a prisoner of war. The situation has deteriorated and finds himself far from home. New characters join him on his journey back to Scotland, including a musically talented woman, Mairead O’Coneill, who has also been uprooted from her home in Ireland.

Severed Knot is a standalone second instalment on the Road to Restoration. If you enjoyed Traitor’s Knot for the mingling of romance and adventure, all steeped in a turbulent historical setting, you’ll love Severed Knot. Don’t worry, if you haven’t read Traitor’s Knot, you can immediately jump into Severed Knot without a reader’s guide. And for fans of Traitor’s Knot, you may be delighted to find a few familiar faces.

Researching this book was hard

Not really. Severed Knot took me to Barbados where I explored stretches of sandy coastlines, historic sugar plantation and exotic flora & fauna. Creatives must suffer for their art. Looking forward to returning to “suffer” again. To read about 17th-century Barbados, check out my articles on St. Nicholas Abbey and Sugar Production.

More from the cover

Barbados 1652. In the aftermath of the English Civil War, the vanquished are uprooted and scattered to the ends of the earth. 

When marauding English soldiers descend on Mairead O’Coneill’s family farm, she is sold into indentured servitude. After surviving a harrowing voyage, the young Irish woman is auctioned off to a Barbados sugar plantation where she is thrust into a hostile world of depravation and heartbreak. Though stripped of her freedom, Mairead refuses to surrender her dignity.

Scottish prisoner of war Iain Johnstone has descended into hell. Under a blazing sun thousands of miles from home, he endures forced indentured labour in the unforgiving cane fields. As Iain plots his escape to save his men, his loyalties are tested by his yearning for Mairead and his desire to protect her.

With their future stolen, Mairead and Iain discover passion and freedom in each other’s arms.  Until one fateful night, a dramatic chain of events turns them into fugitives. 

Together they fight to survive; together they are determined to escape.

Order it today

Severed Knot is available for pre-order at any of these online retailers. Pre-order your copy today.

Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads shelf

It’s a lovely cover (designed by Jenny Quinlan of Historical Editorial), and it would look great on that digital shelf! It’s also a good way to spread the word!

Severed Knot

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