Highwaymen of the 17th century

  I do have an obsession for highwaymen, especially the 17th century variety. It’s possibly because the most famous of this collection were closely associated with the English Civil War and had fought for the king. Many soldiers returned from the war to impoverished conditions and some turned to highway robbery. Others continued to war against the enemy on the highway instead of a battlefield; and still others just took advantage of the upheaval to make a ‘living’. Let me introduce to you three of my favourite 17th century highwaymen. Without a doubt, Captain James Hind tops my list. Also…

The Dreaded Bio

My publisher, Endeavour, needs a bio from me. For civilians, that is what we call a biography; for writers, it’s the 3rd worst painful exercise to subject a writer to. The undisputed most painful exercise, of course, is the synopsis. Cue the deep-throat narrator. One woman…one natural disaster…one hour to live… can she survive? Writing a synopsis is the equivalent of facing screaming legions of Hell during the Apocalypse. Do you have any idea on how hard it is to boil your full length novel down to a one or two page synopsis and not make it sound like, “and then…

The Royalist Highwayman

Today marks the anniversary of the capture of Captain James Hind, infamous 17th century highwayman. Captain Hind served as the initial inspiration for my highwayman, in as far as he was a staunch royalist who became famous for targeting Roundheads. There was a great deal written about him around the time of his capture and years after his death. Most was fiction, though all of it was highly entertaining. This article was originally written for the English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) and appeared on the blog a year ago. I thought it a fitting tribute to repost it here on this day….

Traitor’s Knot: Part 2

Here we are finally with the release of the last instalment of the book trailer for Traitor’s Knot, Part 2. This is all about Elizabeth Seton, a gifted healer who has uprooted herself from Weymouth to live with her aunt in Warwick. In the course of trying to rebuild her life and salvage what she could after the war, she is drawn into intrigue and forbidden love. I hope you enjoy the video. If you’ve missed Traitor’s Knot Part I, click here or check out Videos.

Book trailer: Traitor’s Knot Part 1

It’s launch day, everyone! I’m pleased to finally release the first part of my book trailer. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the news. When I started thinking about a book trailer, I immediately knew that I wanted to create a series. Since the story is told through two characters, James Hart and Elizabeth Seton, it’s only fair that each gets their own trailer. Warning: This book trailer is rated “PR” (Pro-Royalist).  Traitor’s Knot Part 1: On January 30, 1649, King Charles I was executed by Parliament. Moderate MP’s against the proceedings were purged from Parliament and prevented from casting their…