A hat trick of exciting announcements

I’m so excited and pleased to announce not just one thrilling piece of news, but three! Drum roll…. Thrilling News #1: I have been invited to speak before the Battle of Worcester Society on September 1st on the subject of the Royalist Highwayman, Captain James Hind. Highwaymen, and especially 17th century highwaymen, have been a fascination for me for many years. It should come as no surprise that the hero in my ms Traitor’s Knot is a highwayman (you should have been surprised if he was not). To say that I’m thrilled to be included in the Battle of Worcester Society’s Civil War Nights for 2016…

The Royalist Highwayman

Today marks the anniversary of the capture of Captain James Hind, infamous 17th century highwayman. Captain Hind served as the initial inspiration for my highwayman, in as far as he was a staunch royalist who became famous for targeting Roundheads. There was a great deal written about him around the time of his capture and years after his death. Most was fiction, though all of it was highly entertaining. This article was originally written for the English Historical Fiction Authors (EHFA) and appeared on the blog a year ago. I thought it a fitting tribute to repost it here on this day….