Introducing BETRAYAL – Historical Fiction Anthology #histfic @HistFictioneers

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Betrayal, a historical fiction anthology that I have the honour of being a part of with my story “Honour of Thieves”. Spanning eras from post-Roman Britain to the present day, the stories in Betrayal bring to life both legendary moments of deceit as well as imagined episodes of treachery. You’ll encounter highwaymen, knights, pirates, soldiers and even ordinary people, caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Collectively, these stories illustrate multiple facets of betrayal. Under the banner of Historical Fictioneers, the authors of Betrayal include myself, Judith Arnopp, Anna Belfrage, Derek Birks, Helen Hollick, Amy Maroney,…

Historical Perspective and the Modern Audience

Writing historical fiction requires balancing the historical sensibilities (speech, culture, customs) for the modern reader. Today, I’m a guest on Mary Tod’s award winning blog, A Writer of History, where I discuss how to do it and why it’s important. Click here for the article. If you’re interested in getting an insight into all aspects of historical fiction, I highly recommend Mary’s blog. There are many fascinating articles.